Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kimami Sewai

 During the holy month of Ramadan when fasting is on, Iftar (breaking the fast) is done right after Maghrib (sunset) time.
A wide variety of food is prepared to break the fast and sewai is among the hot favourites.
Footpaths on either side of road are full of vendors selling Kimami laccha, Banarasi laccha, Bedami laccha and Rumali laccha.
In my hometown in UP if you visit a muslim friend's house you will definitely find sewai made in sugar sheera or syrup. It is very popular and very tasty.
So today  on the occasion of Id i will share a very unique and mouthwatering recipe of making Kimami sewai which you all will definitely love.
So Happy Id and a happy and tasty sewai making to all of you.

Ingredients - 

Sewai - 1/2 kg
Sugar - 1 1/2 kg
Mawa - 250 g
Milk -1 1/2 lt
Coconut dry - 1 whole
Dry dates (chhuhara) - 250 g
Raisins - 100 g
Cashewnuts - 100 g
Almonds - 100 g
Makhana - 50 g
Cloves - 1 tsp
Green cardamom crushed - 7
Silver foil - 2
Clarified butter ( pure ghee) - 100 g

 Method -

Soak coconut and chuhara overnight and grind it coarsely in a  grinder.
Chop the nuts and fry makhana.
fry the sewai in a heavy bottomed pan in two batches in a low flame.
First fry it dry, when it starts to take a very light brown colour then put 2 tbsp of ghee in it and fry it to a golden brown colour. Take special care to prevent it from sticking to the pan or burning.
Fry all the sewai and keep it aside.
Put 1 lt milk in a deep pan and boil it for a while, add the sugar and keep stiring and boiling until the milk has reduced  and formed a  single thread like consistency. It is called milk kimam. If the milk curdles a bit you need not worry, it happens.
In a heavy bottomed pan put rest of the ghee and put cloves and green cardamom, add mawa in it and fry it.
When it comes to a light brown colour add the ground coconut and chuhara in it and keep frying until it has changed to a brown colour.
Add the milk kimam and all the nuts in it and mix it, add the fried sewai and remaining milk and stir it on a medium heat for a while and cover it and let it simmer on a low heat until the milk has evaporated and it has become dry. If you like you can remove it from fire when there is a bit of sheera (syrup) left in it.
Place it in a serving dish and garnish it with dessicated coconut and silver foil and serve.
It can be stored for many days.

Sewai frying

Dry dates + coconut + mawa mixing and frying

                                        Milk kimam and dry fruit mixing

                                   Sewai mixing with all the ingredients

                                                     Prepared Sewai


  1. A great recipe for kimami sewai which cant be find anywhere else. It really made my day on Eid. Thanx a lot.

  2. Thanx a lot miss Rashmi...i really wanted this dish to make and i got it here..very nicely explained ...thanx a lot again for posting this recipe..:)

  3. Thanx a lot for liking this special Kimami sewai recipes. You all r always welcome...keep visiting my blog n liking the recipes.

  4. Truly, Kimami Sewai is a wonderful dish without which Eid is never complete in any home in UP. It's not very common in other parts of India/Pakistan/Bangladesh. Sheer Khurma seems to be more popular there. I'm originally from Kanpur but have been living in Canada for the past few years. Your post brings back so many memories of back home. Thanks for sharing this traditional recipe.
    Glad to follow your blog. You can visit me at

  5. Thanx Rashmi, I couldnt find this recipe anywhere else on the internet, that too with so much of detail and stuff.
    Great Job!! :)

  6. Thanks for your appreciation. Hope you visit my blog for the other recipes as well. :)

  7. i have been searching for this recipe for ages
    thanks a lot

  8. this turned out to be good sewaiyan but they are not kimami sewaiyan. Kimami sewaiyan like kimami paan has lots of sheera/syrup in it.

  9. thanks a lot for this recipe! i couldn't find it anywhere else on the internet and there was nobody i could turn to!! you saved me!
    lots of love.



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