Friday, 24 October 2014

Mohanthal : Diwali n Bhai Dooj Special

Ingredients -

Gram flour (besan) - 2 cups
Clarified butter ( ghee pure) - 1 cups
Sugar - 1 cups
milk -  1/2 cup
khoya ( mava) - 100 g
Cashewnuts - 10 - 12
Almonds - 10 -12
Pistachio - 10 - 12
Cardamom coarsely pounded - 1 tsp
Charoli - 1 tbsp

 Method -

1. Take a big bowl and put the gram flour in it.
2. Put 3 tbsp of ghee on the flour and rub it nicely.
3. Add the milk, mix it thoroughly and knead it like a
    dough, cover and keep it aside.
4. Put sugar in a pan, add 1 cup of water, boil and make
    a thick syrup of one thread consistency.
5. Remove from fire but don't let it go cold, slice all the
    nuts, add the cardamom powder n nuts ( save some nuts 
    for decoration) in this syrup.
6. Take a deep bottomed karahi, heat the remaining ghee
     and fry till the besan turns light brown and a nice 
     aroma emerges from it.
7. Add khoya and fry it till the mixture turns soft, smooth 
    and golden.
8. Add sugar syrup to it and keep stiring all the while, 
    when the mixture turns thick and starts leaving the sides
    of the karahi, remove it from fire.
9. Grease a thali properly with ghee, put the whole mixture
     in it and spread it evenly, leveling the surface.
10. Decorate it with chopped nuts, cut it into squares 
      and serve it on this auspicious occasion of 
      Diwali n Bhai Dooj.


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