Sunday, 16 March 2014

Meethi Puri ( thekua) : Holi Special

Ingredients - 
Whole wheat flour (atta) - 4 cups (measuring cups)
Sugar - 1 measuring cup
Clarified butter or ghee ( i used rath brand) - 1/2 measuring cup
Fennel seeds ( saunf) - 1 tbsp
Grated dry coconut - 3-4 tbsp ( optional)
Warm water - to kneed the dough + 1/2 cup
Oil - for frying 
Method -
1. Take a big bowl and sieve the flour.  Melt ghee, make a 
     well in the center of the flour, add ghee into it, rub it 
      with your fingertips until it's crumbly.
2. Take a pan and put sugar with 1/2 cup of water and heat it
    for 5 minutes until its almost melt.
3. Add it to the flour and mix it nicely, add some more warm 
    water to make a smooth dough.
4. Keep it to rest for 1/2 an hour.
5. Take small pedas out of it and make small 1/2 inch thick
     puris. If you have cookie cutter cut it in differnt shapes.
6. Heat a karahi with oil in it and deep fry the puris in 
    medium low heat till it's brown and crisp.
7. Njoy this tasty meethi puri on this special occasion of Holi. 
                         Happy Holi friends!!!!

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